"There’s been a lot of simple vilification of right-wing people. It’s really easy to say, ‘Well, you’re Christian, you’re anti-this and that, and I hate you.’ But to me, it’s more interesting to say, ‘What is this person like and how do they really think?’ Do I have any common ground with people like that who find me really, really offensive? Do I have common ground with them? It’s worth exploring."

Louis C.K. On Comedy, Love, Life And Loss (via npr)

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Lafayette Afro Rock Band Hihache

phunk yeah.

For a 100-degree day, it was a pretty ambitious one.


took an espresso training class so I can WERK THAT ESPRESSO MACHINE

skyped with my playwright from Mexico, who really likes my translation thus far, and spoke only Spanish

visited Strand and bought a Jonah Lehrer book and a Moleskine so I can write down my inspirashunz

went to the gym and completed my second Couch to 5K workout


walked home from the gym through what I believe was air imported from hell.


…Now if I could only just do my laundry I’d be a real champ. Someday soon. Someday.


Get Ready for Pizza Vending Machines, America

There are several points of concern in this promotional video for the “Let’s Pizza” vending machine, marketed by a European company that’s opening up an office near Atlanta within the year, according to PizzaMarketplace.com.

Let’s set aside for now the video’s assertion that this automatic snack constitutes “genuine Italian pizza.” What I want to know is, why is this company betting on the strategy that robot-made food is somehow better than human food? The advertisement stresses that the pizza is “untouched by human hands” and made in “a human-free environment.” Don’t people like a little human touch, not to mention all-important quality control? Have we become a society of germophobes that can’t stand the thought of chefs putting their fingers in our foodstuffs?

Read more at The Atlantic Cities.

Jesus. Really America? Let’s try being even MORE STEREOTYPICALLY AMERICAN. “Oh shit, we’re only 2/3 obese? Bring in the pizza vending machines.” —Uncle Sam

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oh how the times have changed 

Wahhh, help, I can’t fill out my bathing suit! ….oh wait


oh how the times have changed 

Wahhh, help, I can’t fill out my bathing suit! ….oh wait

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pli1018 said: Dear Girl Who I Don't Know, don't post derogatory things about my posts. It's rude and offensive. I am a very PC individual and don't appreciate when people make fun of others because of their gender, race, religion, mental quirks, orientation, appearance, how many friends they have with teeth gaps, clothing, povvroness or pastry consumption. So why don't you just keep to yourself? And you're out of college. LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

haha ur so cute wen ur mad

Announcement: My tumblr is now my diary. Think of xanga, or livejournal. You know you miss xanga.

I decided that I’m going to really start using this tumblr thangg to chronicle ordinary times in NYC, so that later on I can look back and say “daaaw, I’m so nostalgic for that day I walked home through a street fair right when I first started living in the city.” So basically, it’s more for me than for you. No offense. But I hope you will appreciate my little updates as well!

It has been quite an excellent 24 hours. It all started with a funky evening with The Rooks at what was apparently their first headlining New York show. They were unbelievably funky and soulful and made me SO DAMN HAPPY!!!!! and also affirmed the fact that all I really want to do with my life is sing in a funk band….. Check ‘em out! They’re great! And they did a fantastic Lauryn Hill cover. 

Today I ventured to the Brooklyn Flea after hearing that there were FREE RADIOLAB POSTERS being given away. The Radiolab folks were super friendly and gave me an extra couple of posters, heyooo! I only wish Jad were there. Someday I will meet that man. And I will be so star struck.

Then I ventured to Union, bought a watch (yeah!), and went to the gym where I embarked on my Couch to 5K journey. I felt FANTASTIC after Workout #1 and am super excited to keep this up! I’ll be running a comfortable 5K by August, and you can hold me to that! I walked home through a surprise street fair on 3rd Ave, and it was so sunny and warm and wonderful and I stopped to get another FREE COFFEE from Birdbath. Life feels extremely good today.

Now I’m off to the Fun. concert at Terminal 5! Should be a fun time. Fun. ha ha ha. 

Grace Eire / quartet+ – Wide Eyes (71 plays)



This is something I put together with the encouragement of @darlingbrunette, and that she recorded. 

Wide Eyes by Local Natives - quartet + (me, victoria, adam, alex, jane, robin)


In the words of Stefon, “YESYESYESYESYES”




The Rape Of Persephone by Gian Lorenzo Bernini

this is very eerie…

THIS IS MY FAVORITE STATUE. I saw it in person and cried. THOSE FINGERS. I CAN’T.

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